James Kinnee

My journey into welding began at a young age, around 5 years old, when my father owned a custom fab shop. He shared his passion with me, teaching me how to weld. I was driven by a desire to avoid being stuck in the same job repeatedly. At the age of 20, I embarked on a journey to travel and explore the country, seeking variety and new experiences. My extensive experience spans across various welding fields, including food processing, agriculture, mining, marine, NAVY, ARMY, aerospace, Air Force, Space Force, rockets, and custom fabrication.

Beyond the welding world, I find joy in the ocean through free diving, spearfishing, and skydiving. I'm an avid traveler, and I cherish spending time with my son, whether it's exploring theme parks or indulging in thrill-seeking activities.

Teaching at Western Welding Academy brings a sense of accomplishment and pride. Being part of a person's future and giving back to the trade that has enriched my life is a fulfilling experience. I genuinely love my job at Western Welding Academy. The team of instructors here boasts diverse backgrounds, setting a high standard for teaching. We are committed to not only building students' welding curriculum but also shaping their work ethic, responsibilities, and integrity.