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Begin your journey as a highly trained and highly paid welder! At WWA we not only teach you to be the best, we connect you to the best. We provide lifetime job placement assistance for all WWA graduates.

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Teachers in the Trade

Who best to teach than someone who has actual experience in the field? Our school is owned and operated by actual pipeline welders ready to share skills and techniques not found at any other school.

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WWA offers very competitive pricing compared to other welding schools. We're proud to work with various partners to provide our students with the financial aid needed to start their careers.

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forget college debt. join a trade!

"The Western Welding difference"

trained by real welders

  • Over 300 years of onsite welding experience
  • Certified Welding Instructors / Inspectors
  • Mentored by the WWA Family

Jobsite Atmosphere

  • Teaching Work Ethic - Accountability - Integrity
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Hood Time > Classroom Time

WE Aint cheap

  • PREMIUM Education
  • We don't sacrifice quality
  • Cheap is not good, Good is not cheap
Don't Sacrifice your future!

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We offer many different types of financial aid so you can start your welding career today!

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be the best by learning from the best

Study with teachers that have actually been in the field. Learn highly sought after skills from the best in the industry.

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What sets WWA apart from other schools?

Is housing available?

Is financial aid available?

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LEarn from the best. we offer several Pipe fitter & pipe welding courses to help you get started.