Forging Futures: Real Stories from Our Graduates

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Our exceptional instructors and top-notch facilities ignited many people's passion for welding. Building friendships with fellow students has been invaluable, and make our graduates confident and well-prepared for a successful career in the industry. It's more than a school; it's a transformative community where dreams are forged and futures are brilliantly illuminated.


The most memorable thing from Western Welding Academy was learning how to weld from the great instructors.

- Spencer Gotchi

Spencer Gotchi, a stainless TIG welding virtuoso, found his passion at Western World Academy. Graduating in 2021, he forged lasting friendships and honed his craft under exceptional instructors. Now, he radiates enthusiasm for welding every day and wholeheartedly recommends the academy to aspiring welders, opening doors to limitless opportunities in the industry. Spencer's story exemplifies the power of pursuing passion for a fulfilling career.

Stories from our graduates

Gray Horton
They taught and helped me figure out absolutely everything.

It was late in my junior year in high school and I was not looking at colleges, not knowing what I wanted to do except I knew I wanted to work outside and work with my hands. I would scroll through TikTok and y’all randomly popped up on my page and I started looking into it more and realized what y’all offered. We saw we could do a tour so we planned a visit and got all the information we needed. I knew I wanted to come here especially after y’all said you can teach us starting from not knowing anything at all. Graduated high school and I was accepted to the school and 3 months later I was on my way to Wyoming. Started a week later and met some awesome people and really cool instructors. They taught and helped me figure out absolutely everything and I graduated what felt like only a short 3 months later. Got a job about 3 months after and I started a TIG welding job and it wasn’t even like I stopped welding. Got right back into my groove and I’m now looking for somewhere new to go, preferably downhill because I had a lot of fun doing it in school.

Gray Horton
Alpharetta, Georgia
February 2023
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Alex Oliver
I would go back and do it again and again if I could

From high school, I went and was a labor building bridges and then I was a pile buck for about a year then I was welding but didn’t love structural so I saw WWA and said I’m going. october 24th I made the drive from Grand Forks to Gillette Wyoming in search of being able to be called a hand. I started out behind, wasn't really being serious, and then a man named Colton Pfeil became my lead on third, and at the end of it, I was a month ahead. the people I met at WWA will be my friends for life and now 6 months later I talk to about ten of them daily. I would go back and do it again and again if I could but now I’m chasing shutdowns up north. landed myself in a sugar beet plant and have been here for about five months now. a ton of stainless welding and carbon too, it’s about done so I’m excited to see where I go next.

Alex Oliver
Grand Forks, North Dakota
March 2023
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Great time with great people!

Abel Vega profile
Abel Vega

Awesome school great instructors

Brian Beck profile
Brian Beck


Trey Stokes profile
Trey Stokes

Got to meet these guys, really good guys, excellent welders. Hoping to learn from the best soon!

A Human profile
A Human

All of the guys were great. Super nice and fun to be around. Amazing experience

Aaron Ross profile
Aaron Ross


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