Fund Your Future welding career

Finance your tuition. Ascent bootcamp loans are consumer loans designed to help students access career-transforming education.

simple, straightforward tuition loans

No Surprises

Students can preview their options and submit an application to see if they prequalify for an Ascent loan with no impact to their credit score.

Quick & Simple Process

Get pre-qualified in minutes, choose a flexible financing option, and get started on a career-transforming program.

Flexible Payments

No prepayment fees! Students can choose to make early payments or fully pay off their loan as early as they like.

Expanded Access

We use basic approval criteria. No job? No problem! Students can also choose to add a cosigner, which can help strengthen an application or meet U.S.citizenship requirements.

Friendly Support Team

Ascent’s team is ready to help at every step of the way. Sign up for an info session or reach out to a team member anytime at (877) 279-2614 or


We work closely with our schools and only partner with those who meet our high standards for quality.