Forging Futures: Real Stories from Our Graduates

Aidan Bratlie
Hi, I'm
Aidan Bratlie
and I graduated from Western Welding Academy in
November 2022
I enjoyed it with promising opportunities ahead.
You can earn this as a welder.

In high-school i was never quite sure what i wanted to do, then i took a welding class through the school my junior year and fell in love with it, wwa came on the blue collar tour and i decided that i wanted to go to school there and applied and got accepted in my junior summer, came and visited my senior year and enjoyed it and got to see the city and surrounds towns and the school looked great, went to school and graduated in 3 months never failed a test and got the “making a hand program” shortly after i was told by a fellow graduate about a job for zachry and i took it up and have learned a lot in my last 11 months of work and we’ve had a few shutdowns with 90 hour weeks making 30 an hour starting out of school. it’s a local job so i haven’t branched out this job or looked into it much but i plan to in the next year.

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