Forging Futures: Real Stories from Our Graduates

Gray Horton
Hi, I'm
Gray Horton
and I graduated from Western Welding Academy in
February 2023
They taught and helped me figure out absolutely everything.
You can earn this as a welder.

It was late in my junior year in high school and I was not looking at colleges, not knowing what I wanted to do except I knew I wanted to work outside and work with my hands. I would scroll through TikTok and y’all randomly popped up on my page and I started looking into it more and realized what y’all offered.

We saw we could do a tour so we planned a visit and got all the information we needed. I knew I wanted to come here especially after y’all said you can teach us starting from not knowing anything at all.

Graduated high school and I was accepted to the school and 3 months later I was on my way to Wyoming. Started a week later and met some awesome people and really cool instructors. They taught and helped me figure out absolutely everything and I graduated what felt like only a short 3 months later.

Got a job about 3 months after and I started a TIG welding job and it wasn’t even like I stopped welding. Got right back into my groove and I’m now looking for somewhere new to go, preferably downhill because I had a lot of fun doing it in school.

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