Forging Futures: Real Stories from Our Graduates

Stone Ebner
Hi, I'm
Stone Ebner
and I graduated from Western Welding Academy in
June 2023
I had an amazing time and learned so much from the instructors.
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Had a really hard time in school with alot of things just wasn't my thing. So I applied to WWA my junior year in highschool and got accepted. Finished out high school and then started to get ready to head out to Wyoming for WWA.

When I got to Wyoming it was absolutely freezing. But i was welcomed in to the school and settled in really quickly. Made some life long friends along the way. I ended up moving through the program rather quickly and got a couple of extra certifications and graduated a little bit early. But I had an amazing time and learned so much from the instructors and still talk to them every once in awhile .

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