western welding academy

the hand program

The Hand Program was created to honor the top tier students. In loving memory of the Original Hand, Seth Gaines.

are you making a hand?

In memory of the OG hand — Seth Gaines

Seth talked the talk, but most importantly he walked the walk.The best way to get Seth to do something was to tell him “It can’t be done”. Always full of pure grit and determination to be his best self. Seth cut no corners, and he wasted no time. Seth was an amazing father, husband, brother, son, friend and welder.

Full of life, love, and laughter. He liked to work hard, and he liked to play hard. At 19 years old he quit a full ride college scholarship and broke out in the welding industry. He always believed in hard work and doing it right the first time. Seth always pushed to win, and he NEVER settled for 2nd place.

how to become a hand

quality work

  • don't cut corners
  • take your time & do it right
  • no failed weld tests

be your best self

  • keep your code of conduct
  • be your brothers keeper
  • no disciplinary actions

committed work ethic

  • no smoke breaks
  • show up early, every day
  • complete program 25% early
"You can be anybody you wanna be, if you BELIEVE it!"

— Tyler Sasse
"Everybody wants to be a welder...
Until it's time to do welder things"

— Nathan Ponder