Chris Fink

I started welding with my father as a kid, and my interest in the welding industry took off when we turned a totaled truck into a showpiece. Learning the basics of MIG welding and fabrication alongside my father during that project sparked my passion for welding. After learning MIG and fabrication from my father during the show truck project, I took welding in high school, where I expanded my skills to include stick and TIG. My teacher recognized my talent for welding and shared insights into the industry, highlighting the amount of money welders can make.

My welding journey took me through various roles, starting with fabrication for semi-trailers. I then went into stainless TIG pipe welding at nuclear power plants, followed by welding for Google data centers, specializing in TIG and combo welding. Later, I focused on stainless pipe welding in paper mills.

Beyond the welding torch, you'll find me engaged in motocross racing, BMX, fishing, bow hunting, and, most importantly, spending quality time with my wife and son. What I like most about Western Welding Academy is witnessing the growth of students into the next generation of welders. Watching them start from scratch, develop their skills, and become the best they can be fills me with pride. Knowing I played a role in helping a student achieve their goals and build a lifelong career is incredibly rewarding.

Western Welding Academy stands out not only for its advanced welding simulators that better prepare students for real-world experiences but also for its emphasis on teaching good work ethics, accountability, and integrity. These values contribute to shaping students into honest, hardworking individuals ready for success.