Connor Swaney

I wanted to become a welder because the group of friends I was involved with were welders and they made it look fun. Some of my family members worked for a welding company and I was able to get a job through them. I welded in the field for 5 years before coming to Western Welding Academy; 2 years powerplant, 2 years prefab pipe/vessels, and 2 years structural/pipeline and boiler maker/misc. 

I really enjoy teaching here at Western Welding Academy because of the relationships with the students and being a part of their success. When a student has an “aha” moment or accomplishes a goal, I feel like we share that victory. I feel there are several things that set Western Welding Academy apart from other welding schools. At Western Welding Academy we are focused on almost 100% training in the welding booth, rather than “book learning”. We specialize in pipe welding whereas others avoid hard welds. Our instructors all have experience welding as a profession, not just teachers who have welded. We help our students get jobs they want, instead of placing them in what might not be the right one for them. Western Welding Academy is more like a welding shop than a classroom. Our students will face fewer surprises at their next job if they pay attention to our instructors.

Outside of welding, I enjoy power sports and hunting.