Battle of the Welding Torches: Cheaper vs. Professional


Welcome to Western Welding Academy! Today, we're diving into a heated showdown between two welding torches - an $80 budget-friendly contender and a high-end $250 professional torch. Ever wondered if splurging on the pricier option is worth it? Join us as we put these torches to the test and uncover the surprising differences that could impact your welding experience.

The Budget-Friendly Torch - $80 Welding Rig

First up, the underdog - an $80 TIG torch you can snag from any discount tool store. At first glance, it seems like it could handle the job, especially for DIY projects or auto body work. But here's the catch - the cable feels thin, and the whole setup appears somewhat flimsy. If you damage that hose, you'll need to replace the entire thing, which can be a hassle. We decided to push it to the limit, cranking up to 400 amps, and it didn't fare too well. The cable couldn't handle the heat, and we lost argon. It's lightweight but limited in performance.

The Professional Torch - $250 TIG Torch

Next, the heavyweight - a professional-grade $250 TIG torch. This torch boasts some significant advantages over its budget counterpart. Firstly, it separates the hose and the electric cable, making it easier to replace one without the other. The cable is thicker, rated for 250 amps (but it can handle more), and it's designed for durability. The larger handle offers more comfort and less hand fatigue during prolonged welding sessions. It's a flex head, meaning you can adjust it to different positions, giving you more versatility. Overall, it's built to last and handle the heat.

The Showdown - Testing the Torches

We tested both torches at their max rated capacity, starting with 150 amps. The budget torch did reasonably well, holding up to its rated capacity. However, when we pushed it to 400 amps, it burned up and lost argon, illustrating its limitations. On the other hand, the professional torch tackled 425 amps without major issues. It got hot, but the hose and cable held up well, showcasing its robustness and suitability for demanding jobs.


In the showdown of the torches, the $250 professional TIG torch emerged as the clear winner. While the budget-friendly option may suffice for lighter tasks, the professional torch offers superior durability, performance, and versatility. It's an investment that can pay off in the long run, making it a wise choice for welders looking to elevate their welding game. So, when it comes to welding torches, don't compromise on quality - opt for the one that can withstand the heat and get the job done right.