Mike DiRocco

I was recruited by Tidewater Tech in VA Beach, VA, after my military service, seeking to learn a trade. Once I started to learn to weld, it became soothing and something to focus on. It began as a way to make good money and provide for my family, and it turned into a passion.

I bring a wealth of experience from various fields, including shipyards, ironworking, plant shutdowns, food-grade welding, fabrication, shipyard supervision, and service in the U.S. Marine Corps. Beyond the welding booth, you'll find me riding motorcycles, crafting race car and motorcycle frames, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time at the shooting range.

Western Welding Academy stands out for its hands-on experience and real-life job scenarios, providing students with practical skills. For me, the most gratifying aspect is passing on my welding knowledge to the next generation of welders. I find this job incredibly rewarding and love the sense of fulfillment it brings.