Danny Keiderling

At about age 3 or 4 I started watching my dad weld in our garage. That evolved into my third grade project of building a tractor for our school Christmas play. I continued to weld and got my first official welding job at age 17. I wanted to become a welder because it was a lot like art and that is one of my unique attributes. I started in custom fabrication and structural welding. I also have experience in piping fabrication and vessel manufacturing, rig and mobile pipeline welding, and rig combo welding in various applications. 

I think the thing I love the most about my career is inspiring younger generations to better themselves and to be proud of working with their hands. What I really like about Western Welding Academy is the feeling you get when you walk into the shop.  It feels like old school America, the way things used to be and hopefully will be again. Western Welding Academy not only works hard with talented students, but also takes the time and doesn’t give up on the less fortunate students or the ones that may be struggling.

In my spare time I enjoy custom fabrication, hotrod and custom car restoration, firearm and outdoor adventures, and hoodrat activities with friends.

“Embrace being an underdog”