Devan Granger

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Growing up I bounced around the country and came to Wyoming in 2013. In 2014 I started with a 50/50 split between oilfield and power plant work. When I started out in the oilfield, I was a general laborer and a welder helper. They pushed me to do more so I started to weld MIG and I was welding handrails. I later learned to STICK weld structural for pipe supports. Shortly after that I got into welding pipe. I currently have 8 years of welding experience. Some hobbies I enjoy doing on my free time is disk golf, hunting, dirt bikes, and playing golf. 

What I enjoy most about teaching at WWA Is getting to reexperience the excitement, struggles, and perseverance of learning the trade. The satisfaction of seeing students learn and grow their mindsets is what I value the most. My time working at Western Welding Academy has been very rewarding.