Jason Sasaki

I am 41 years old and have been welding professionally for 21 years. I started welding after my enlistment in the US Army and started working in plants with Duke/Fluor Daniel. I stayed with them for a couple jobs then learned how to weld downhill. Stayed in a shop Welding prefab hookups for gas pads for 3 years and then went on to running my own rig and chasing derricks which was my favorite part of my career. After that I hooked up with Jerry Butler, owner of Ace on Site Welding and quickly became the premier weld repair specialist in Central Arkansas. I was working with Ace for several years, started teaching at University of Arkansas at night, and found my passion for instructing. Next, it was on to AEWA to help them develop their structural welding program. Now I’m up here in the great state of Wyoming, sharing my knowledge and skills with the amazing folks here at Western Welding Academy.