Joe Scallen

My journey into welding began as a result of a slight career accident. While working for a roustabout company building tank batteries, a welder quit in the shop. Seizing the opportunity, I approached the owner directly and asked if I could give welding a try. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. My father was a rig welder in his younger years, I initially didn't find welding interesting. However, once I started welding myself, I fell in love with it.

With roughly 4 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, I then transitioned to structural welding for mining equipment. Then,  I entered the power and generation sector, working on high-pressure lines, vessels, exotic TIG welding, and piping fabrication. Altogether, I bring 13 years of combined experience to the table. Outside the welding shop, you'll find me indulging in woodworking, embracing my passion for the outdoors through hunting, ice fishing, camping, and any outdoor activity that comes my way.

What truly excites me about working at Western Welding Academy is the opportunity to share my welding knowledge and tricks acquired through years of experience. Being able to apply that as an instructor is immensely rewarding. The atmosphere here mirrors that of a job site, with everyone having a role and duty. This is crucial for students to understand the real-world work environment. Additionally, the influential presence of Western Welding Academy on social media is unlike anything I've seen before. Working here gives me a rare "at home" feeling, and I genuinely enjoy being part of this awesome mission.