Nate Ponder

I was intrigued by welding as a kid and it always fascinated me. I thought it would be something I would enjoy doing as a profession so I took a welding class in high school and after graduation I attended a trade school similar to Western Welding Academy but I didn’t get any one on one time or enough booth time, so I was basically self-taught.  In the spring of 2007 I went straight into my pipe welding career. Over the last 15 years I have welded in just about every type of plant with the exception of nuclear power houses.

In my spare time I enjoy hunting, fishing, working on old trucks, and spending time with family. What I love most about teaching here at Western Welding Academy is seeing the progression with the students who have never welded before. The look on their faces when they lay a slick weld because of what I had just taught them is really gratifying.

With Western Welding Academy you learn everything you need to know to start working in the field and pass a welding test.  Students get to learn from real welders from all over the nation with years of experience bringing unique perspectives & experiences from the field.  That is what sets us apart from other schools.